Choices (Single)

by To The Hopeless

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I moved to Montana in 2013. In the summer of 2017 I went to visit family in California for the first time in 4 years.

"I gave my body to the Big Sky, but I kept my heart in Gold."

I wrote this song as soon as I got home, feeling torn between staying in Montana–which is quiet, peaceful and easy to manage life–and moving back to California, which is noisy, busy and chaotic, but I would get to be around family and not miss out on everyone growing up.

This song is about being torn between two places, feeling like the "universe" is forcing you to choose between the long-term outcome of your own life at the cost of being separated from the people you love.

"I hate these choices that I make."

Second verse is about the realization that whenever I've made huge life decisions based on other people, it's usually never turned out good for me.

In the past I had this nasty habit of putting my entire life on hold as soon as I met a girl and we started building a relationship. I would "wrap my life around" her, or let my life revolve around her, but eventually I'd freak her out with my affection and send send her running.

On the bright side, breakups always make great material for music!


[Verse 1]
I gave my body to the Big Sky
But I kept my heart in Gold
1200 miles of lonely road
pulling me and won't let go
And I'm not sure which way is up
let alone which place is home
But now I'm wishing I was omnipresent
So that I could have them both.

I hate these choices that I make,
I hate these choices
These choices that I make
could be a big mistake.

[Verse 2]
Go be a California novelty
in the busy part of town
And find myself a pretty blonde with hazel eyes
that I can wrap my life around
She'll be the theme of all my love songs
till my love songs freak her out
And then she'll make some good material
for another string of break up songs.

I hate these choices that I make,
I hate these choices
These choices that I make
could be a big mistake.


released November 1, 2017
Music and Lyrics by Daniel Silva
Mixing & Mastering by Daniel Silva

Special thanks to Will Vernon


all rights reserved


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